Marlaine Pretorius

One of my most favourite quotes, by Jennifer Garvey Berger, from the introduction to her 2012 book, Changing on the job:


“If each of us were to believe in the core idea that our workplaces could become the central space for the cultivation of the wisdom our planet needs to survive, we could create powerful new possibilities for what our working lives would look and feel like into the future. These new possibilities could help us grow what is in greatest demand on this planet – not oil or steel or gold, but the capacity of human beings to create more -compassionate, thoughtful, healthy spaces for one another and for all the creatures with whom we share this fragile planet.”

Marlaine Pretorius

Professional Profile

Marlaine is the founder of Omnicentre and also serves as the Director Strategy & Organisational Services at The Arbinger Institute South Africa.

Marlaine is currently the only Tilt 365® certified coach in South Africa, and one of two accredited facilitators of “The Work That Reconnects”. Being perpetually curious about human existence, she has trained in everything from Spiral Dynamics®, to Deep Ecology, to TRE®.

Marlaine has more than 25 years' experience in the corporate world, in various senior and executive roles and numerous industries. She worked extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa and spent 4 years based in the British Isles.

She is fascinated by supporting leaders and teams to become fully human and believes the distinction between ‘work’ and ‘life’ is unnatural. Moreover, she believes in the power of discourse being critical to our feeling at home in a world of ongoing, increasing complexity. “We have to purposefully and perpetually evolve our own way of being and meaning making” she muses. She states that for far too long we have valued cognitive intelligence over all other forms of knowing and being - to our own detriment, and the detriment of the world around us. She firmly believes we cannot claim 'consciousness' of any meaningful description without fundamentally changing our relationship with all living beings.

She loves challenging conversations, poetry, dancing and being in nature.

Marlaine is also a non-executive director of  Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism


Bodies of work accredited in:

The Arbinger Institute
Tilt 365®
Deep Ecology | The Work That Reconnects


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