James Erasmus

“I’m a chronic optimist”

“When people say, ‘That’s going to be hard.’ I say, ‘That’s going to be more fun.'”

- Ed Zschau

I believe coaching is a relationship-based engagement of contracting with individuals and teams with the intention of offering guidance. Team and product lift-off will only happen if the coach has successfully immersed him/herself as a trusted contributor to the delivery of value. The engagement starts in earnest when there is a measurable indication of improvement and positive change, from which point the team start to become more agile and more self sustaining.

When clear coaching objectives are set, the team and their delivery in “flow” will reflect the value of the coaching. A great coach will intentionally exhibit the measurable tangible and intangible key results and will inherently want to move on to the next challenge.

James Erasmus


Professional Profile

James is an Agile Leadership Coach.

Focused on strategic delivery within digital media, technology and transformative banking. James is entrepreneurially minded, extremely personable, very ambitious and an adventurous learner. His approach to life is often non-conformist and he often challenges process with principles.

Business Transformation, Business Agility and Agile Leadership are all journeys which James will guide you and your team through safely. His practical application of the new ways of working is a perfectly suited empirical process of transparency, inspection and adoption. This requires visibility of all work in the system, coaching of skills, highlighting responsibilities and enabling people.

Customer centricity is foremost in the design of any approach and he’s always looking at driving innovative solutions to add value soonest. If you can’t visualise it, he will start drawing it for you!

James has a vast array of experience both locally and abroad. He is a former Infantry Captain in the British Army, Wits Business School Alumni and certified coach with numerous and diverse qualifications.

James is an outdoor enthusiast, trail runner, fly fisherman, photographer and a keen cook, preferably with a glass of the best South African red close at hand.


Bodies of work accredited in/have trained in:

Agile | Business Agility, Product Delivery, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe & LeSS
Lean | Change & Portfolio Management
Design Thinking | Cognitive, strategic & practical processes
Leadership | Redefining leadership, systems & mindset


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