Colin Campbell

“Somewhere there is an ancient enmity between our daily life and the great work. Help me in saying it, to understand it.”

— Rainer Maria Rilke

Colin Campbell

Professional Profile

Colin is a successful international health practitioner, course facilitator, public speaker and expert diviner. He has an established reputation with a network of international organisations, fellow practitioners, and individuals of influence including heads of state and popular celebrities. He is trained as a Traditional African Doctor and has a degree in Psychology & Fine Art from the University of Cape Town, though over the years his experience has expanded to embrace a number of roles, from cultural spokesman-provocateur to transformational facilitator. He is frequently employed to run organisational courses on cultural cosmology, ecological integration, holistic health and personal development. His areas of specialist knowledge include divination, traditional cosmologies, ritual process, diet, supplementation, NLP, psychological self-tracking, energy exercises, physical routine, and process psychology.

Colin grew up in rural south-eastern Botswana, the son of a respected anthropologist and a mother known for her healing powers. On formative childhood travels with his father he spent much time in the bush, learned from traditional San people the ways of the desert, woke beside lion paw prints, and regularly fished cobras out of his bedroom drawer. Through the time of his upbringing he acquired a deep knowledge of Tswana culture and its traditional medicinal and spiritual practices.

Colin practices traditional African plant medicine from his home in the shadow of Table mountain, receiving clients from all inhabited continents. He also facilitates group processes relating to natural law, transformation, healing and personal power, sacred sites, and cross-cultural cosmology. His work bridges major world cities with ancestral homelands and forgotten wilderness, taking him from the Amazon Basin to Los Angeles, the sacred sites of Venda to the urban grit of Johannesburg, and remote Ethiopia to the City of London.

Colin has consciously entered a phase of personal creative expression, particularly focusing on his long-standing loves of music, poetry, storytelling, photography and writing.

Colin has been a consultant and associate of Gaia Foundation for many years.
He has been a key co-creator of the African Biodiversity Network since its beginnings in 2001, and remains a centrally active consultant, facilitator and ambassador for the network.
He is a visiting teacher at Schumacher College.
Colin has facilitated courses for The Blue Deer Centre, an international centre based in the USA committed to hosting teachers of ancestral approaches to healing, ritual, retreat and balanced relationship with the natural world.