Akhona J. Tota



Founder and Managing Director

My focus is to help others embrace authenticity, consciousness and living a purposeful life. I support Leaders who want to impact others positively whilst organisational driving results, and lead with purpose and authenticity. This includes helping teams to connect and embrace the power of emotional intelligence, united in one vision. I work with professionals and new entrants to the world of work, who want to grow personally and professionally, embracing a purpose driven existence. Working 1:1 with you I will be your cheerleader, challenger and confidante, I will help you get Deliberate about your goals, be Determined in seeing them through and Delight reflecting on your success, finding meaning and continue to grow.

LINKEDIN: Akhona Nqakula-Tota

Paula Quinsee



Paula enjoys working with organisations who are committed to creating a purpose driven environment that maximises their employees creativity, energy and productivity. She specializes in creating healthy relationships in the workplace and at home, to co-create a more human connected world and positively impact people's lives. She is also a passionate advocate for mental health and is against Gender Based Violence. An international and TEDx speaker and author of two self-help guides: Embracing Conflict and Embracing No.

LINKEDIN: paulaquinsee

Sibylle Sharon


Personal Life Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

I accelerate progress, passion and purpose.

I have learned that the quality of all our actions and results depends on the quality of our mind. I help my clients create lives they love to live by introducing them to the concept of consciousness. Learning to master the mind instead of the mind mastering us.

LINKEDIN: Sibylle Sharon

James Lewis

An ordinary human being having a human experience

Currently I support staff through the Covid 19 changes that are affecting their work and personal lives. We deliver virtual learning programs and coaching to assist staff to cope with the massive changes we are all going through, and to build the resilience needed to find their feet in a completely new environment.

LINKEDIN: James Lewis

Nilesh Makan

Padawan Consulting provides coaching and services to empower people and businesses drive new ways of thinking and working that enable digital transformation. Core focus areas include agile, digital strategy, people development, creative problem solving and innovation.


Zaar Mabuto

Zaar is a facilitator of change in organisations through people. Her roles within the past 12 years having been focused on planning and directing sales and operational activities that contribute to reducing company costs and increasing profit while enhancing the services or products. Her responsibilities have always been concentrated on business transformation in terms of people, processes, and profit-making. Zaar’s foremost skill is motivating people to meet or exceed organizational and sales goals, developing operations, growth and people strategies. Her goal has always been to develop people's potential. Within her lies the belief that every person has the potential to be great and has made it her personal mission to help others find and utilise their potential to experience success and in turn become true leaders in whatever capacity. She has a passion for coaching, mentoring and developing individuals to find the absolute best in themselves.

LINKEDIN: Zaar Mabuto